“It’s a beautiful structure,
and with a little help the kids
built it themselves.”

Catriona Allen
Guildford, UK

“My vision was to see the actors build a
dome on stage during the action of the play.
Hubs made that vision possible!”

Chad Lindsey
Director, God is a Verb
Hook & Eye Theater
New York

“We’ve praised your ingenuity on a daily basis.
So easy to put up and take down
and put up and take down and..!”

Susan Timmins
Claesline Gallery

“I will be making two more later this year
to protect a peach tree and my pond.
Thanks again – without your kit I would
not have been able to make one!”

Dave Bruce
Glengevlin, Ireland

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Only two lengths of stick
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Your very
own dome!

A moonbase for the kids, a dome home
for your dog, a nature hide, festival tent,
planetarium, observatory? There are lots
of possibilities and we’d love to see
what you make.

What would you build?

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