Here’s what’s included

In addition to the kit you’ll need a pair
of scissors and a ruler to measure and
cut your straws to the right lengths.

x6 instruction
x24 instruction
5 and 6-way hubs

You need just two types of hub to make your 2v dome. Once the ball connectors are pushed into your straws simply snap them into the hubs to start building.

x168 instruction
x12 instruction
Ball connector and base foot

The ball connector pushes into the ends of the straws to create your sticks, the base feet connects into the hubs in the base ring to give your dome a stable footing.

x3 instruction

Give your dome a name and share it!

Paper straws

Cut these into Shorts and Longs to create the diameter dome you want to make. For reference our straws are 6mm in diameter and 196mm long.

Easy to follow instructions
Download the instructions