The ball and socket joints simplify
construction and also enable adaptation
of the basic structure.

When the dome is complete the hubs
are clamped-up to fix their position.

Once the ball connectors are on your sticks it
should take less than an hour to build your dome.
Connect the sticks and hubs together and the
dome grows up out of the ground!

5-way hub in the middle

Connect the first pentagon

Add the next layer

It begins to take shape

Add the next layer


(It can take as little as 20 minutes)

Quick: build your dome in under an hour

Thanks to Hessel Moleman, Lettele, Netherlands.

The kit works with sticks of different lengths
to create domes of different sizes.

Scaleable: choose the size that suits you

The angles aren’t fixed which means
you can adapt the structure.

Adaptable: what could you create?

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