Stick width

Taper the ends
of wider sticks

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Stick length calculator

Insert your desired dome diameter in millimeters here:


You need to cut:

30 x SHORTS at:
35 x LONGS at:


This diameter is outside our currently tested range using the simple centre-to-outside build method with two people.

You may need more people and/or need to support the structure during the build. Keeping the sticks light in weight will help when going to larger diameters.


Are you using millimeters?

This diameter, in millimeters, is too small to work with hubs – the screws would clash within the wood!

The smallest diameter we recommend is: 600mm.

Where do I get sticks from?

You'll need 65 sticks and simply 2 lengths are needed. Use the calculator above to work out the correct sizes.

Ideas for sticks

* Suggestions are for UK outlets and provide enough material to make a 4m dome

Get your sticks made

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