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Here’s what’s included
In addition to the kit you’ll need a cross-head
screwdriver to attach the ball connectors
to your sticks and a saw to cut your sticks
to the right lengths.

5 and 6-way hubs

You need just two types of hub to make your 2v dome. Once the ball connectors are attached to your sticks simply snap them into the hubs to start building.

Ball connector

Screws onto the ends of your sticks.

Wood screw

Attaches the ball connectors to
the sticks.

Locking plate

Clamps the ball connectors in place once the dome is in its final position.

Hub screw

Goes through the centre of the hub for clamping.

Wing nut

Screws onto the end of the hub screw to clamp the locking plate in place.

Hanging eyelet

Use this to hang something nice from the centre of your dome.

Allen key

Used to hold the hub screws in position when clamping the hubs.

Easy to follow guide


Everything you need but the sticks

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